Mrs. Minu Kuddus


Phaco Patient:- Self Experience & Feelings

Mrs. Minu Quddus is expressing her feelings and phacosurgery experiences to the presenter of SATV Dr. Munira Rafat Chowdhury and to her phacosurgeon Prof. Dr. Harun ur Rashid after undergoing no injection, no stitces, no bandage, no blood phaco surgery at Dhaka Eye Care Hospital.

The operation was done with CENTURION Vision System with Ozil Intelligent Torsional Phaco Technology from Alcon, USA and OPMI Lumera 700 Ophthalmic Operating Microscope from Carl Zeiss, Germany.


MRN : 117987

Gender : Female

Age : 45 Years

Phone :

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City/Area : Dhaka

District :