School Sight Testing Program

Common procedures of SSTP:

  • Vision
  • Refraction
  • Color Vision
  • Detection of common ocular disorders
  • Ophthalmic Counseling
  • Ensuring Proper Referral.
  • Make Aware teachers, guardians, or student`s attendant about the problem of eye of the students.
  • Finally inform to the head of the institutions.

Sight / Vision

  • The power of seeing.
  • Perception of objectives by use of the eyes.
  • The importance of vision screening for children.
  • Vision problem affect nearly 13.5 million children.
  • A quarter of adolescents (12-17 years) are reported to have eye problem.

Why school sight testing program

  • Child may go blind if the problem remains undetected.
  • Poor vision in childhood affects performance in school or at work and has a negative influence on the future of the child.
  • School vision screening can help to detect commonly occurring eye disorders.
  • Early detection of vision problems has a demonstrated impact on quality of life.
  • Although traditional school vision screening have focused on myopia ( near sightedness or lack of clear distant vision).
  • Omnis Visio it is important to ensure that all students at a school have a basic visual acuity screening which is cost effective and useful for early detection of possible vision problem.

What we are doing:

  • Assessment of visual acuity among the students
  • Refraction (if needed)
  • Detection of common ocular disorders
  • Ensure proper referral for ocular disorders
  • Awareness among the teachers and guardians about child eye care.


  • “SSTP” We are always ready to help you DECH  Contact: - 01787681500
  • Join the team as an active member or volunteer or at least in spirit!!!!!!
  • Small steps taken by you can ensure that a person does not loss the gift of sight due to ignorance. We aim to form a bridge between those who can give and those in need.
  • There is nothing more rewarding than giving back vision to a blind person.
  • Members or volunteers from of all sorts of backgrounds are welcome to join us in action.